Legal notice

Legal notice

The following legal notice applies to all websites operated by the Zippo GmbH under the domain name,,,, (collectively "Zippo website").

The Zippo website is operated by Zippo GmbH, Groendahlscher Weg 87, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, Germany (hereinafter "Zippo"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Zippo Manufacturing Company. 

Trademark, Trade Name and Copyright


The marks and names used on the Zippo website as well as the images, texts and graphic designs contained in it are protected by trademark, trade name law and copyright in Germany, in the European Union and worldwide. The Zippo brand dates back to 1932 when the first Zippo lighter was manufactured. Today the Zippo brand enjoys a worldwide reputation, attributable to the substantial investments of the Zippo Manufacturing Company in its high-quality products and in their promotion.


Other than for your own strictly personal and private use, you are not permitted to apply any decoration or to alter the Zippo brand lighter or any of the other Zippo brand products without the prior written consent of Zippo Manufacturing Company, as the sole owner of the rights to such intellectual property. Without such consent, you may not copy, modify or distribute the images, text, or graphic designs of the Zippo website, or use them in any other way. Each unlawful act of unauthorized alteration or exploitation of the intellectual property rights of Zippo Manufacturing Company will be prosecuted with all legally available remedies.


Counterfeit Zippo lighters look a great deal like the original; and, for the consumer, it is often difficult to detect the difference. The purchase from, or from other sites of the Zippo Manufacturing Company or of its affiliates, or from authorized specialty shops offers protection against such counterfeit products.


If you purchase an original Zippo lighter outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and try to import it in the EEA as a parallel import, you violate the trademark rights of Zippo Manufacturing Company. The parallel imported original lighter will be seized by the Customs authorities. As importer of unlawfully imported Zippo products, you may also be vulnerable to civil action.




Zippo handles the content of the Zippo website with greatest care and is aware of the necessity to update the information placed on it from time to time. Zippo cannot, however, guarantee the timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the content of the Zippo website and disclaims all liability for any damages that could arise directly or indirectly by using the Zippo website.


Links to other websites


The Zippo website may include links to the websites of others. These links are placed on the Zippo website only for convenience and user friendliness. As Zippo has no influence on the content of third party websites, it does not assume any responsibility and disclaims any liability for any third party website content or any damages out of the use of such content.


Availability of products, services and promotions


The Zippo products offered for sale on the Zippo website and on the websites of the authorized online retailers reflect the marketing policies of our product managers in consideration of country- or region-specific preferences. This occasionally limited availability is a part of the appeal of the Zippo brand. It may happen that certain Zippo product models, services or promotions are not available everywhere. Interested consumers can obtain information about the availability of Zippo products in their region from the authorized specialty shops.


Zippo GmbH

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